Travel along Guyana’s coastland from Georgetown, over the Demerara River to Parika. Enjoy an adventurous boat ride up the Mighty Essequibo river. Our first stop is at Fort Kyk – Over – Al to learn about our history; a Dutch Fort built in the 17th Century.  Further up the River we pass many islands, there are 365 Islands in the River.

At Bartica, the Essequibo meets the Mazaruni and Cayuni Rivers, we head up the Mazaruni River and pass the Mazaruni Prison, Aruwai Resort and a few Quarries.

Finally we enter the Rainforest to hike to the Waterfalls. Approximately 80% of Guyana is rainforest.  After a challenging hike we come upon Marshall Falls and its the perfect cool down. 

After we leave the falls, we visit the rapids on the Mazaruni River. Then we head back down the river to the luxurious Aruwai Resort for lunch and relaxation and lots of pictures.

As we head back to Parika the sunset along the Essequibo River is the perfect end to a wonderful day

(Tour requires a minimum of 12 persons).