who we are

Our Story

We are a Tour Agency operating in Guyana, our tours cover all the 10 Administrative Regions and 4 Natural Regions, allowing both foreign and local tourist to experience the true Guyana.

We pride ourselves in personalizing experiences to suit your needs. The services we offer are based on the size of your group as well as your preferences for destination and activities.

Our organization spiraled, initially, out of personal interest in exploring all the diverse landscapes and terrains  our wonderful land has to offer: from the Low Coastal Plain that runs along the Atlantic Ocean; to the Hilly Sand and Clay Region that is rich in aluminum, bauxite and white sand; to our beautiful pristine rainforest with its numerous rivers and roaring waterfalls; and finally to the Rupununi with its magnificent mountains and lush savannahs. Just as our land is diverse, so is its people, cultures and food.

Shivana Gulchand


After experiencing the abundance of flora, fauna, wildlife, mountains, waterfalls, the dense broccoli jungle that is a part of the Amazon Rainforest, delicious foods and hospitable people, we were compelled to share these experiences on social media under the name Touring Guyana, as we were literally touring Guyana. Our followers were mystified and intrigued, as we were, witnessing Guyana’s raw unapologetic beauty and soon enough started to demand we extend our experience to them.

Given the demand and appreciating that too much of Guyana is unexplored, too much of its beauty hidden away, we decided to launch our agency with the aim of helping to share the natural beauty of Guyana, with as many people as possible.

Join us today as we explore, discover and enjoy our rich bountiful Guyana.