• Wear light comfortable clothing and comfortable sneakers, take slippers or water shoes
  • Facemasks (Covid-19)
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Camera, for awesome pictures and videos
  • Snacks
  • Hat, shemag, sunglasses, umbrella or raincoat
  • Bug spray
  • Allergy medication or antihistamine, if needed. Or any other medication used.

The pick up may vary for each tour, but our main assembly point and pick up is at Quik Serve on Main and Quamina Streets, Georgetown.

RR8P+35G, Quamina Street, Georgetown

For tours to Kaieteur, the check in point is at Ogle Airport, at Jags Aviation.


  • Always listen to the Tour Guide and do as advise for you safety and enjoyment of the Trip.
  • Always were seat belts in vehicles and life jackets in boats.
  • Do not rush in and out of vehicles, boats, or planes; ascend or descend in an orderly manner; wait until the person in front of you is seated or disembarked then enter or exit.
  • When in any Touring Guyana Vehicle, keep all arms, legs, and belongings in the vehicle, until told to disembark.
  • Notify the Tour Guide if you cannot swim.
  • When in the rainforest; do not pick leaves, flowers, berries or plants, you are maybe allergic.
  • If you are feeling tired or unwell inform the Tour Guide.
  • Do not litter, garbage bags are available, just ask the Guide.
  • No alcohol consumption above the legal driving limit, while on tours.
  • All Covid-19 Guidelines are in effect.

I have agreed to book a tour with Touring Guyana. In consideration for being on the tour, I hereby indemnify, hold harmless, release and discharge Touring Guyana and any of its officers, employees and agents from any liability to me, my employer, my assigns, my heirs, my executors and personal representatives now and forever, for any claim by reason or on account of injury to myself or my property, whether by reason of accident, intent or neglect during such time that I am on a tour with Touring Guyana, or in the company of an officer, employee or agent of Touring Guyana who is discharging his/her duties.

In addition, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Touring Guyana, its employees, agents and assigns for any and all claims, losses or liability which arise as a result of my conduct, whether it be negligent or accidental while I am a participant in the Tour, including, but not limited to such times that I may be in a Touring Guyana Vehicle or in the company of an officer, employee or agent of Touring Guyana while he/she is acting or discharging his/her duties on behalf of Touring Guyana.

I further agree to abide by all rules and regulations applicable to the Tour. I assume all risks of death, injury, loss or damages to my person or property, whether due to accident or neglect, and neither I nor any of my representatives shall have any claim against Touring Guyana, their officers or employees, by reason of my death, injury, loss or damage.

If there is inappropriate behavior, the operator has the authority to terminate an experience or remove individuals. Inappropriate behavior will result in early termination of the experience and a forfeiture of all deposits and fees by the customer(s) who violated our terms. Examples include but are not limited to: • Intoxication, Public urination in an inappropriate manner, Littering, any indecent actions, any behaviour that puts yourself and the group at risk.

Please be respectful of the Touring Guyana Staff as well as the communities and villages we visit. We’ve worked hard to create a fun, exciting new venture in beautiful Guyana, so please help us keep a good reputation!