What are some rules / guidelines for tours?
  • Always listen to the Tour Guide and do as advise for you safety and enjoyment of the Trip.
  • Always were seat belts in vehicles and life jackets in boats.
  • Do not rush in and out of vehicles, boats, or planes; ascend or descend in an orderly manner; wait until the person in front of you is seated or disembarked then enter or exit.
  • When in any Touring Guyana Vehicle, keep all arms, legs, and belongings in the vehicle, until told to disembark.
  • Notify the Tour Guide if you cannot swim.
  • When in the rainforest; do not pick leaves, flowers, berries or plants, you are maybe allergic.
  • If you are feeling tired or unwell inform the Tour Guide.
  • Do not litter, garbage bags are available, just ask the Guide.
  • No alcohol consumption above the legal driving limit, while on tours.
  • All Covid-19 Guidelines are in effect.

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