Keeping our Customers and Staff safe during our Tours are our number one priority. Customers will be guided by our staff, to tour and experience Guyana, in a safe and friendly manner, especially during a pandemic. In doing, so we keep updated with all the latest Covid-19 guidelines from our Covid Task Force and WHO.

The following procedures are our mandatory systems in place to keep you as safe as possible when touring with us.

Customers Procedures

  1. At the beginning of every tour, each tourists’ body temperature will be checked to ensure that it is below 37.5C. Tourists with elevated body temperatures will not be permitted on a tour.
  2. All tourists hands will be sanitized with hand sanitizer containing 70% or more alcohol, at the beginning and certain intervals during each tour; when re-entering the vehicles, before meals.
  3. All tourists must wear an appropriate face mask that covers their nose and mouth during the tour, except for short periods for identification or when eating or drinking. A facemask will be issued to tourists who don’t have.
  4. All tourists must be vaccinated for Covid – 19 to be a part of the following tours: Linden, Kaieteur, Kaieteur and Orinduik, Rupununi 2 days and 4 days.
  5. Tourists have to present a valid form of ID and vaccination card for these tours.

Touring Guyana Procedures

  1. Face masks and/or face shield are always worn when interacting with customers and continuous hands sanitization.
  2. Staff maintain a physical distance of 6 feet, where applicable.
  3. Touring Guyana ensures that all third-party service providers’ personnel follow our procedures and those set out by the Covid-19 Task Force and WHO.
  4. Touring Guyana ensures that all employees and contracted personnel complete initial and recurrent training to ensure that they are familiar with our procedures and applicable regulatory requirements.

All Staff and third-party personnel are fully vaccinated for Covid-19.